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Abstract for the Erbil International Fair Company (EIFC)

There is no doubt that the Kurdistan Regional Government pays great importance to the establishment of international fairs and specialized in the land of Kurdistan because of its security and stability and witnessed campaigns of powerful reconstruction in various fields, so the regional government has taken it upon themselves to provide all the supplies necessary for the success of these fairs to provide security and services and facilities necessary for the introduction of goods in and out as well as facilitating the entry of exhibitors and participants across the border ports and airports of Kurdistan.

The idea of holding exhibitions in the land of Kurdistan of Iraq in 2005 started as a result of non-viability of the Baghdad International Fair for its normal time because of security conditions and the use of exhibitions of Iraqi neighboring states and foreign countries by the regional government felt that it was the first establishment of such exhibitions on the land of Iraq and create an appropriate atmosphere to identify the foreign investors and Arab businessmen to invest in Kurdistan, Iraq and to make Kurdistan a starting point for the reconstruction of Iraq as a whole. In 2008 the Erbil International Fair became a permanent member of the International Union of Exhibitions (UFI).

1. Foundation

The company was founded by a decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government, as an institution of economic and non-profit media .The board of administration has full support and care of the regional government.

2. Location and Area

Showroom is located at the center of the city of Erbil, exactly in the Park Sami Abdurrahman, which is one of the largest parks in the region

a thatched area of 17.000 square meters of exhibition and the whole space is 33,000 square meters with a total area made up more than 50.000 square meters of gardens and will expand services in the areas thatched future.

3. Components

The Company is comprised of several buildings and full facility. The main hall thatched and built of sandwich panels insulating material which is air-conditioned and floored Concreted and furnished by carpet and equipped with electric power and lighting is adequate.

And exhibition is supplied with three big generators cover the need for the fair when the electricity power is off, as well as health services and the network of water.

The administration of the fair runs the show and takes it upon himself to provide all services from a security standpoint and the rest of the necessary services required during the period of the exhibition in coordination with the security authorities.

4.Activities and Events

EIF hosts dozens of events each year, including conventions, trade-shows, concerts, sports events and more.

5. Facilities

*A center for directorate of customs in the fair to facilitate entrance of commodities into the fair and complete the processes of what sold from machineries, equipment and cars which are subjected to customs charges.
* Free wifi service..

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